Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just Do It To It!

One of my favorite phrases that I hear in my group exercise classes at Club Ridges is "Dr. P, there's nothing to it, but to do!". That can be heard echoing from the mouths of some of my most loyal and determined class participants. I love it when I hear that because it let's me know that the residents in class get my mantra, which is why wait around for things to happen...just do it to it!

In life there are so many opportunities to seize and places to go. We have the ability to be life movers not life loungers. If you look around in your life and really pay attention to what is going on I bet you could point out a bevy of opportunities that are just waiting for you to explore. So what happens? Well, as one of my clients says, "our natural tendencies as people take over and just let things go." As unfortunate as it is things like that do happen, but we have the ability to refocus our thoughts and make things happens. Throughout my life I've learned many lessons. However, the one that has impacted me the most has been to always, always be a person of action.

You see, I've run into so many folks in my years that talk a good game, but their follow through is just so lame. You know the saying "money talks?" Well in this case, action talks and while there are many that are able to put together moving and convincing arguments for what they will do, there are even more who will do absolutely nothing. So you have to ask yourself while reading this...are you someone who talks a good game or are you someone who people come to rely upon because your actions are powerful and true?

You have the option everyday when you wake up to be better than you were yesterday. You have the option to be better for someone else, better for your community and ultimately better for the world. No matter what you think, one person can affect the world. It has been done and it can happen again, but it requires action.

Are you ready to act? or should I say...are you ready to just do it to it?

Until next time...

Dr. D
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