Sunday, February 14, 2010

Normal is Not Extraordinary

Every week I get the opportunity to network with some pretty amazing people. The people I meet and talk with have unique stories that just blow me away. Although I am a very organized and prepared person, my meetings with people are just very organic. I don't go into meeting with people with any set plan or agenda. I just want to talk and let the conversation guide me in a sense.

One of the more interesting things that happens during the conversation is when it turns towards how I can help the other person. Most of the time the people I talk to look at me like I'm speaking a different language. Its tough because so many people I meet are so hurt by the past failures of others in their life. Because of that I find that many people are just in awe of someone who actually treats them right and makes good on the promises they make. What's sad is that in my experience in my 31 years on this earth is that people put behavior that should be normal on an extraordinary level.

Normal is saying thank you after opening the door for someone. Normal is being kind to others. Normal is doing what you say are going to do. Normal is praising someone for a job well done. These things are normal and should not be considered extraordinary.

You know what is extraordinary? Extraordinary is Efren Penaflordia, a Filipino man who pushes a cart around his neighborhood teaching kids to read. Extraordinary is Roy Foster, a military veteran that built a shelter for his fellow veterans so that they would have a place to live and be valued and respected when they hit hard times. This is extraordinary behavior. This is behavior worthy of us honoring and putting on a pedestal. Normal behavior is not extraordinary.

So, what can we do about this? First, we can meet the challenge of being kind, respectful and open to others. We can make promises to others and communicate to them if we are not able to fully meet that. Two, stop making the ordinary seem extraordinary. Expect more of yourself and you will then will reflect more on what truly is amazing in life. The pyramids of Giza and Chichen Itza are amazing. Angel's Falls in Venezuela is breathtaking and jaw dropping. These things are beyond our scope of creation and imagination. They are extraordinary.

Remember that and keep normal...normal and extraordinary...extraordinary. Until the next time...

Dr. D

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