Saturday, April 10, 2010

Enjoying Simple Things

It was the first time we did it...yup...we had to. It was getting unbearable and everything we did to try to not do it was not successful. We had to...turn the air condition on! It was the first time in 2010 that we had to succumb to the heat of the southwestern desert. The heat of a place we call home. Las Vegas. I have to say that I really love Las Vegas. I enjoy the energy of the Strip and take a risk attitude that people come to town with. Thousands of folks move to Vegas every month looking to make a new life. They come looking for a place to get away and create something new and exciting. I love that.

However, what I love even more than the bright lights are the places that are hidden to most people who live in Vegas. The desert holds so many secrets and pleasures that you can't find in the city. The desert carries with it a simple pleasure that hearkens back to a time when things were less complicated. I love that so much about the vast and untapped land that is out there beyond the city limits.

Today, my wife and I set off on our annual visit to the Clark County Fair in Logandale, NV, which is about 60 miles northeast of Las Vegas. We love to head out there every April because it reminds us of a slower pace. A more laid back feeling. A simpler time. Our drive up 15 North seemed to go so quickly as we chatted about a variety of subjects from our parents, our plans for children the next few years and the beautiful landscapes of the desert surrounding us. It was wonderful to have that time in the car. It was wonderful to be awed by the beauty of the Lord's hand. It was...breathtaking.

As we entered Logandale it was just as it always was. Seems like not much changes in Logandale from year to year. Same gas station, houses and fair grounds. It was nice to see. While I love the changing skyline of Vegas, it is sometimes nice to see nothing change at all. We drove up to the fairgrounds and parked in a dirt parking lot, the same one we've parked at for many years. We paid for our entrance into the fair and spent two hours eating carnival food, petting livestock, watching ax throwing competitions and just taking in the warm weather. It was awesome. When we left we decided to go a different way back home. We took all back roads and it lead us through a series of long winding roads and an epic adventure through the desert. We had peace. We had wonderment. We had a simple time. We loved it.

We got back home after a long day on the road and remarked about how beautiful a time we had. It was such a simple adventure yet it was so satisfying. It got me thinking about how we all can benefit from taking time out of our lives to be one with not only our environment, but with ourselves. Enjoying the simple things in life can be so rewarding. Take time to unplug and get in touch with your simple pleasures.

Until the next time...

Dr. D
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