Saturday, May 22, 2010

Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

I was sitting in my office talking to one of my favorite people in the world, Jessica Dillon. Jessica is about to move from Las Vegas to Florida to embark upon a wonderful new life and job. She is so excited and ready to see what awaits her and I couldn't be happier for her. During our chat I told Jessica I was very proud of her, but not for the obvious reasons. I told her I was proud of her because she went from someone who was down and out over three years ago to someone now who has stepped up to the plate in her life. In the past Jessica let life happen to her, but now she is making life happen. One of the keys to her success is that she made a decision about what she wanted to do with her life professionally and then she paid the price to make that happen.

Jessica, who initially wanted a full time fitness career figured out that her true passion was in children's ministry. So, Jessica worked a children's ministry job at the church we both attend that didn't give her a considerable amount of hours or money. She also went ahead and did a volunteer church job in order to gain more experience. Finally, she stepped down from her full time job in order to free up time to pursue her undeniable passion in the field of children's ministry. Jessica wasn't afraid to take a risk and move towards her real professional passion. Again, she paid the price and the question we have to ask ourselves is have we done that in our own lives?

I know I can relate to Jessica's journey. In fact while she was in some of her dark period, I was her personal training instructor at Pinnacle Career Institute in Lawrence, Kansas. During that time I was going through a professional crisis myself. I had a job that I really enjoyed, but I knew that it would not fulfill my long terms goals as a fitness professional. I adored my personal training students, however, I had to make a choice...stay and settle for an average existence or leave with nothing to lean on and see what I can do to better myself. I had safety back in Kansas, but that was nothing if I couldn't become the professional I wanted to be there. So, my wife and I left Kansas and moved back to Las Vegas with nothing in the way of job leads or money...nothing. We spent the majority of our money moving back to Las Vegas. My wife was working home health and that wasn't working out too well either. We were pretty much broke and struggling to stay afloat. However, I never second guessed the decision for us to come back to Vegas. I knew my life had a greater potential and some employer would notice that. I started anew program director title or manager of others. Nope, I started out at Club Ridges making very little money and training just a few people here and there. However, three years later, I am the General Manager of Club Ridges and am on the path to even greater pastures with the company I work for. I never wavered once, ever. I knew my life was meant for something bigger and there's more to come. can live your passions as well. However, what is required is moving towards that passion and then paying the price for it. So many times we are scared or hesitant to make life happen because we want to be safe where we are even if where we are is not good for us. There's more out there for you, but you have to be willing to sacrifice and commit to the process. You see our fortunes both personally and professionally are tied to our willingness to close our eyes and trust in the life that we might not be able to see, but that is ready for us to grab a hold of. You are meant to be happy and to flourish in your life. Not to be miserable and downtrodden. Still, if you want greatness, if you want passion, if you want success then you have to be willing to give everything in your power to make that happen.

As I walked Jessica out of the door of Club Ridges I thought how different this young woman looked from the woman I first met in my classroom when she was 20 years old. Now 24, I watched Jessica walk out the door of Club Ridges and into her new life. One...that she earned because she paid the price.

Are you willing to pay the price for what you want?

Dr. D

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