Saturday, July 10, 2010

Be a Part of Your Life!

One of the funniest things to this day about Las Vegas is a phenomenon I call "The Complacency of Home." In Las Vegas it is common to meet many folks who never ever leave "their side of town" to visit any other part of Vegas or the close by surrounding areas. People I talk to always tell me..."well, where I live I have everything I need. There are places to eat, parks and other cool things." While I can agree with that somewhat, I think to myself where is everyone's sense of adventure and wonderment. Funny thing is that many kids have a tremendous grasp on this concept, but we adults are miserable at it. Why? Because we like to stay in our comfort zone and not venture out of our friendly confines to see what else is out there in our lives.

So, I say..."Be a Part of Your Life!" That's right! It is not just about traveling, but about your life as a whole. Traveling is just one aspect of being a part of your life. It is understandable that traveling can be expensive to go places that are far away and very exotic. However, with some great planning and a fun imagination you can experience so many things just in your town. For those of you who live in Vegas try something that is not on the strip for once. How about The Springs Preserve, Floyd Lamb State Park, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Off-Strip Casinos, Farmer's Markets and the list goes on and on. It's out there...go grab it!

Being a Part of Your life means investing into great experiences in your life. You have to be active and present in your life for that to happen. Think about it this way...whether you do nothing or something next week, next month and next year will march on by. Don't you want to do make your life count? Of course you do! There's so many ways to do that, but you have to get our there and be a part of the life that has been given to you.

Being a part of your life also means loving those around you without hesitation, moving towards your goals and dreams honestly and finding the strength and courage to get back up when things aren't going so great. Your focus, intensity and time are ready for you to take charge. You can either sit back and let time pass you by or you can be a part of your life and take it by the reigns. You don't have to be rich to live a life full of quality experiences and joy. All you have to do is make up your mind to run towards the life you want because if you don't...your life will run past you.

Thanks for your time everyone!

Dr. D
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