Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happiness is a Waterfall

Have you ever had that feeling inside you of true gratification and satisfaction? You know...the feeling that something you did made someone else's life just a little easier. That feeling that someone else was able to smile in a hard time or feel worthy when everything else is not going so well. Let me ask you this...when you feel this way doesn't it make you want to do greater things and help more people? Of course you do because happiness is a waterfall.

Happiness is a waterfall? Think about it. When you are truly happy your happiness trickles down to others. You become better in all phases of your life. Today I was able to talk to some wonderful people at our Connect to Fitness networking event at Professional Fitness Institute. Over the course of a five hour period I had the humbling experience of talking to some really cool and down to earth people. Everyone seemed happy and open to move towards a future that in many cases they can't see right now. However, they showed up and took a chance by talking to various fitness, health and wellness employers and it is going to pay off for them. They are on the path to true happiness because they planted the seed into their future. As long as they water that seed it will grow and flourish.

They will be happy because that seed will blossom into a job opportunity, steady work and a wonderful career. It might not be tomorrow, but if they hang in there it will happen. And the result? They will be better people because they invested into their professional life. If you are happy in your job then you are better in all parts of your life. You will become a better father, a better mother, husband, wife, a better son, a better daughter, neighbor, co-worker, etc. That's right happiness is a waterfall that splashes upon all those who take a ride on it.

What I love about what I do is that I am in regular contact with the happiness of life because I meet so many people who want to seek it. Their happiness is contagious and beautiful. It is magnetic and vibrant. When I see someone get a job and love what they do it just lights up my life. There's no better feeling than to see others enjoy their life. Happiness is a waterfall....

Until next time.

Dr. D

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