Sunday, August 29, 2010

Help with No Return

Meeting after meeting, time and time again I am surprised by the silence. Surprised by the lack of follow up on the offer. Yup, people can't seem to believe it. Must be too good to be true I've heard. And then after we are done and time has passed I've realized that this is a true rarity in the world.

What would that be? Helping others without asking for anything in return. In my travels as the founder/director of Connect to fitness I have had my share of meetings with many of my colleagues. Some I have known for years and some I have never laid eyes upon. When I have meetings with people I make it a point to always ask how I can help the people I am sitting in front of. I ask them what I can do to help grow their business or help them find a job. And I always tell people that I don't want anything in return. I tell them that my help is free and without any strings attached. After all, giving back should never be about doing favors and getting them back. The true heart of giving is built upon seeking nothing back.

However, what is sad is that I frequently run into folks who just can't seem to wrap their mind around the fact that I mean what I say. There are the faces that leer at me with disbelief. And I'm sure when I leave there are conversations that go something like this..."no way he could be for real...what's the catch?"

The catch? No catch my friends. But, just so you know why I am the way I am I think everyone deserves to know why I want to help you without return. In my mid 20's I finally made the long journey back to my relationship with the Lord. I had fallen away for some time before that, but always knew that He was leading me back to him so that I could realize the potential that was inside of me as a human being. After re-establishing my relationship with the Lord I dedicated myself to creating something that would have a heart of service towards others. And the key was to have a heart of service without looking for anything in return. My reward would be the success others experienced. My reward would be the increase in self-esteem someone got when they found a job because of a job lead I provided them. My reward was going to be the grace that was bestowed upon the people who reached their hands out for help. The reward would the be community created with a bunch of people who raised their hands and said "We want to be part of something that is bigger than ourselves." That is powerful!

And I'm happy to say that Connect to Fitness is quickly on its way to creating new beginnings and new hearts for fitness professionals. I'm so grateful for everyone who has thrown their hat in the ring and decided to be a part of this growing movement for fitness professionals in Las Vegas. Still, I recognize that the path will continue to be filled with challenges. It will be long and it will be hard sometimes.

Why? Because people have a hard time accepting help without a favor in return. As a society the standard is I do something you for you and you do something for me. Well, where has that attitude gotten us? Nowhere. We have become a people who are scared to commit to others because we don't want them to have the upper hand on us.Or we don't want to feel like we owe somebody something. You don't owe anything when real help is given to you. The debt has been paid because real help never sends you an invoice for services rendered.

Thanks for your time everyone. Until next time...

Dr. D

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