Monday, August 22, 2011

At Tribute to the Living

It was late at night and I was settling in for some excellent TV viewing time. I love watching TV late at know...around 12am-ish. It is when I catch up on all the programming I DVR'd. I was really looking forward to this night because I was going to watch a show on some of Richard Pryor's best stand up material and the commentary from current comedians about it. I watched with great enjoyment some of Richard's classic routines. However, what struck me the most about the program was what one of the other comedians said. Eddie Griffin (another one of my favorite comedians) said "why is it that we always do tributes to people when they are dead? Why not when they are alive?"

And it clicked in me that Eddie was totally right! Why can't we just tell the people that inspire us and who make us feel so wonderful that they mean the world to us? Why can't we lay out a table of compliments and honor their impact in our lives in a big and grandiose way while they are living? I mean sure it makes sense that we remember with great honor the works of great artists when they have passed on. We immortalize greatness with ceremonies of praise when great folks are no longer here. Again, I get it, but why can't we do that for people when they are alive. Why not a tribute to the living?

So, here's the challenge to all of the readers of my blog...take the time to do a tribute to someone in your life who makes you feel like you can fly. Write a letter, send an e-mail or call up someone who has meant so much to your life and shower them with praise and admiration. I will get the ball rolling. Below I will share a tribute to my wife, who has been everything to me over the past eight years...

Dear Shel,

Thank you for being the best part of me in our almost seven years of marriage. You have been my comforter, my biggest fan and the greatest love a man could ever ask for. When I come home I love how you always greet me with a hug and kiss. In seven years I don't think there has been more than 3 times where this hasn't happened. Your consistency as a wife has been unparalled. Even during the ups and downs of life you have showed tremendous faith and courage. You have helped me become the man that I am today and for that my heart belongs to you always. While I could write so much more, I want to continue to show you my appreciation and my tribute to you in the actions of our daily lives. Thank you so much for coming into my life. This is my tribute to you.

Thanks for reading this everyone and if you would like to share your tribute please feel free to post it in the reply. Until next time...

Dr. D

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