Monday, August 22, 2011


I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in my classroom at Pinnacle Career Institute mentally rehearsing the lecture for that day that I would present to my personal training students. My good buddy and fellow personal training instructor, Riley Ross, excitedly walked into the classroom and said I have to tell you about this supplement that will change your life. He said it was the only supplement of its kind. My interest was high after seeing Riley be so excited about this supplement. I was also really confused at that moment because Riley is in no way a supplement guy and he knew that about me as well. Regardless, I listen to him a bit more and then I ask, "what does HWC stand for?" With a wide grin on his face Riley looks me dead in the eye and says "HWC stands for Hard Work and Consistency!"

As you can imagine I let out a big laugh and we both thought it was hilarious. My next comments were "this is so awesome because well...that is the truth." Hard Work and Consistency is the formula for success in reaching one's health, fitness and wellness goals. is the formula for success in almost anything you do! However, we are constantly bombarded with ways to escape the truth of "HWC."

From supplements to crash diets and exercise gimmicks, the world is filled with ridiculous ways to escape the truth of it all. And what is that? That you actually have to commit yourself to the process of hard work and consistency to make a sustainable change in your life. Desirable behaviors and habits do not blossom overnight. There is no pill, no powder, no 17 day diet/exercise program or some silly shape up based shoe that will give you the life or long term physiological adaptations that you want. It's just not gonna happen without a long term commitment to HWC.

No one becomes the best mother or father after two months. No one becomes the CEO of a corporation after 6 weeks. No one is inducted into the hall of fame for any sport after one good year. And many great guitar players sat in their rooms for hours upon hours as teenagers and young adults playing their guitar until they became a virtuoso. Only after you have committed yourself and created a body of work over the years can you fulfill your goals and dreams.

In the can anything that promises you tremendous results in a very short period of time be good for you? Anything that is worthwhile and honeslty good in this life will never promise you a quick fix. Instead, it will always ask you to sacrifice, to love and to be patient through the process of getting that good thing. I promise you this my friends...if you allow yourself to get lost and commit to the everyday moments of the daily grind of HWC...I promise you will gain a life that is worth so much more than you could have ever imagined.

No gimmicks....just HWC.

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