Monday, August 29, 2011

Making Peace with Change

My heart was racing ever so slightly as the day had begun to approach. I started mentally preparing myself for the inevitable. It was dawning on me that who I am would be enhanced due to a wonderful life changing event. I was going to be a Dad very soon. And then I got the phone call that sank my heart into a place of loneliness and despair for a very short time. Instead of a happy time, my wife and I were now dealing with a very difficult time. Our adoption process had to start over as our current match fell through with days to go to the birth. I was heart broken for a day or so, but then I began to realize that my strength and my determination is greater than this situation because the center of my strength would not allow me to wallow in sorrow, but move forward and learn and grow from this.

One of the most certain things in life is the uncertainty of life. You can either choose to be beaten down by the things that inexplicably happen to you or you can be a light to others and in turn be a light to yourself during tough times. Lord knows it has been a tough year in the emotional department for my wife and I. My grandfather passed away and our adoption process has been amazing and trying all at the same time. The roller coaster of life is inevitable though. It is all how you handle the tough times and more importantly it is all how others see you handle it. What is important to remember is how you come to terms with difficulties in your life says a lot about the type of person you are. Are you someone who curses life when things get tough? Do you blame things on others? Do you refuse to face the pain your feeling and sweep it under the rug?

My friends, this is not a healthy way to live. If you want peace in your life then you have invite it in no matter how hard the road may be for matter how much change occurs in your life. True peace happens when you maintain that which centers you. True peace is when you allow that center to foster a sense of hope and optimism even in your most vulnerable moments. Now it is ok to be angry in the beginning and express your hurt because after all you are human, but don't let it consume you. Don't let it blur the focus of your life. Be diligent in your efforts to accomplish your goals and dreams and recognize that change is inevitable. Change is barreling down on you everyday, every month and every year of your life. Stay the course and be the person you continue to strive to be for others and for yourself.

I'm hopeful and optimistic that I'll have my heart racing again soon when I get that chance to go meet my newborn child in the future. I know you are out there. Just like Sam Cooke said...change is gonna come. And when it happens I will be ready to be the father and man that I need to be for this child and our family as a whole. I'll be waiting!

Until next time.

Dr. D
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