Monday, August 22, 2011

Valleys Lead to Peaks

Almost every morning I repeat a same routine. Get up, hug my wife, brush my teeth, shower, take the dogs for their morning walk and then put on my work uniform. The last part is the hardest because I keep a picture of my recently deceased grandfather on my dresser. It is hard to look at his picture and realize that he is not on this earth anymore. Papa was a wonderful man and some mornings the sight of his smile in that picture both makes me laugh and cry. I miss my grandfather. That has been a tough valley for me to climb out of recently in my lfie.

Getting out of the valley can be difficult for anybody no matter how well you cope with things. I truly believe we all struggle with this when we have strong feelings towards the situations that are trying in our lives. Besides my grandfather's passing, I always struggle when my emotions boil over when I've had to discipline my employees over the years. In the rare instances that I have raised my voice and let my emotions get the better of me it has been tough for me to let go of the valley I am in. I've been a part of some very tense meetings and I've said some pretty point blank rough things when I've had to and it never makes me feel good. A few weeks ago I had a resident say some of the nastiest things anyone has ever said to me while on the phone and as I sat there letting him vent I knew it was going to be hard for me to let go of those words for a bit. I had done nothing wrong, but it was his time to lay into me even though my staff and I were doing the right thing. And I won't lie folks...I have taken it hard in the past when me and my CTF team and our affliates pour our hearts out in planning events and a bunch of folks RSVP and then no show.

However, I always come back to the fact life is not about things going right all the time. If that was true then all of us would be filthy rich and on top of the world. Life does not operate that way so what does that mean? We must go through the valleys of life in order to see the peaks. We can't appreciate the goodness in life many times unless we experience the despair and heartbreak of life. My grandfather passing away broke my heart for a bit, but in the end it taught me about the suddness of life and living it more fully. The tough meetings I may have from time to time may be difficult and draining, but they fade and order is restored very soon. And I've realized that I can't make people show up to things they can't make time for or just don't want to be at. All I can do is let go of that and continue to push to get better at what I do with CTF.

While I'm sure that all of us will continue to walk through more valleys in our lives, we can be assured that there are peaks on the horizon. Remember, trials and tribulations will one day make way for triumphs and jubilation. Here's to seeing seeing it through the tough times so you can raise your glass for the good times.

Dr. D

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