Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Few Words Go a Long Way

When my parents lived on Ft. Meade in Maryland I always loved coming to their house and taking a walk with my mom. We always walked around this pond that was brimming with wildlife everywhere. There were foxes, ducks, birds and squirrels passing through the pond area in what seemed like an orchestrated march of the animals. This particular time I was home we took that walk again and my mother and I talked about life in general for a bit. My mother is an easy person to talk to. I enjoy hearing her commentary on things. This time though after a while of talking I felt like she really needed to get something off of her chest. My mother was quiet for a second and then said something that I'll never forget. She said, "You and your brother have turned out to be such good young men. Having you both has made your father and I's life worth it." I remember trying to keep my emotions in check as it is not everyday that one of your parents shares such a deep and profound thing with their children. I was honored, touched and moved by her words. They were just a few words, but they easily propelled me towards wanting to do more and be better in my life.

In life a few words go along way in laying the foundation of one's life. As human beings our words can either instill great confidence or low self-esteem in others. I recognize I have been fortunate in my life to be around people who have instilled kind words into me. Those words have pushed me and motivated me to become the person I am today.

When you read this blog I want you to ask have your words affected others in your life? Are you someone who pours joy into the hearts of others or do you complain to others all the time about what they aren't doing well or do you push all of your problems on to them? Your words go along way in shaping a person's view of themselves.

I believe people are so used to being told negative things that they have such a hard time accepting the positive things people tell them. Think about it. Have you ever told someone, I mean really told someone how much they meant to you and how wonderful they were? Watch how they become uncomfortable at those comments. People don't take well to kind words said to them because many times we as a society have not infused good things into others enough. How sad is that that we are more comfortable in criticism than we are in compliments?

As my mother and I finished our walk and went back to the house I felt like I could fly. To know that my mother could tell me how she felt about my brother and I on a very deep level was gratifying and fulfilling. As I watched a fox run through the streets and go somewhere in the forests of the base, I felt that all was right in my world because of some words said to me. Those words stick in my mind until this day and keep me working hard because I never want to let my parents down. I want to be the man they hoped I would be and I believe I am on that path.

Go out there and infuse good words into the people in your life. It will reverberate throughout their life. I promise you it will.

Until next time...

Dr. D

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