Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome to the Beautiful Struggle

The picture on the left hand side of the screen says a lot of things. It says happiness. It says connections. It says upscale and somewhat formal. It says friendship. What's the saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. Well that may be true, but a picture does not tell the whole story behind the tremendous effort and determination to produce the final result.

You see, in this picture are two of my friends. Two people who have integrity, class and volumes of kindness. We are at my most recent networking event for my networking group Connect to Fitness. We had close to 60 people, which is a great success for us, but this picture does not tell you how we got so many people to show up. It does not tell you the tremendous behind the scenes effort of me and my team.

The take home point is that any good thing in life is hard. Nothing that is worth anything is easy at all. On the opposite end, bad things are very easy. It is easy to get in to trouble, make bad decisions and do things you know aren't right because well...they are quick fixes and make you feel good in the moment. However, bad things don't make for a good life in the long term. This is why successful individuals and companies are rare and why the average is so well...average.

The great thing about it is that everyone has an opportunity every single day to be greater than their circumstances and their past. You always have an opportunity to overcome anything that has been negative baggage in your life. But you have to remember that in doing the right thing and working for something good that it will be tough road to follow. Your perseverance and determination are requirements to reach your highest goals.

I remember one of the hardest and most fulfilling things I have ever done is finish my doctorate. I experienced many great disappointments during the process such as when my dissertation committee had me redo my whole 100 plus page dissertation. It was devastating internally at the time as I realized I had to climb the mountain all over again. However, I chose to handle it like I try to handle most things in my life...I got back on top of that paper and didn't stop until my committee approved my new dissertation. Graduating with my doctorate was a 3 and 1/2 year journey that taught me a lot about myself. It let me know primarily that I could bounce back even after tremendously low odds. And I realized big time that anything good is very hard!

So, it is my hope for you that when you have a large task or goal in your life that you scratch, claw and struggle for what you want because that's what it takes to accomplish anything that is worthwhile. It is truly a beautiful struggle.

When I look at that picture attached to this blog, I think not only about the smiles and the good times we had at the event, but also about the large effort that went into making that a well attended and appreciated event. I know what it took and it wasn't easy, but then again why would it be easy? Good things don't come easy. Welcome to the beautiful struggle.

Until next time...

Dr. D
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