Friday, November 4, 2011

The Greatest Responsibility

Responsibility. We are all responsible for our finances, our families, our jobs and a plethora of other things. However, I'm betting that there is one responsibility that you haven't thought of that each of us is required to uphold. Do you have a guess? What do you think it is? Ok, I will tell you. Your greatest responsibility is to other people. That's you treat others and help others plays greatly into the type of life that you will have and most importantly the type of life others will have.

You see our lives are primarily consumed by the pursuit of self promotion and gratification. We have become the center of our lives. We have become our own sun and the planets or people in our personal solar systems tend to rotate around all of the things that encompass our life. However, the opposite should be true. You should be orbiting the lives of others as so many people need you in their lives. If you really think about truly gain yourself once you lose yourself. True selflessness is the awareness and execution of the responsibilities that you hold to others. And why? Because we shape others into who they are and will be.

As a new parent I am cognizant that my wife and I will be major factors in the development of our daughter's life. She will imprint us. She will mimic us. She will laugh and cry with us. Our responsibility is to be a good influence to her and help her reach the wonderful potential that surely lies within her. The same can be said for the other people in our lives though. Grown people need other people to look up to. Adults need heroes. We need others to help inspire us and push us to the heights of our abilities. No one is their own island. I promise you that.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us with one question. One simple question that we all must ask ourselves...are you and I fulfilling our responsibility to each other? Have we represented the greatest beauty of humanity or have we represented the lowest depths of humanity. We have a choice. We have a call to action. Will you respond?

There are so many out there waiting for your mentorship, your guidance and your kind words. Be responsible and lose yourself so that you can gain the responsibility that is waiting for you. The responsibility of serving others.

Until next time...

Dr. D
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