Monday, November 28, 2011

Life on a Treadmill

If you've read enough of my blogs you can probably guess that this blog title doesn't mean that I'm going to talk about specific workouts you can do on a treadmill. However, the inspiration for this blog entry can certainly be traced back to the action of being on a treadmill. In my line of work, I see people walking or running on a treadmill every day. It is fascinating to see how people work out on a treadmill in terms of their intensity. Most people I see keep their workout at a pace that is pretty pedestrian. They never push themselves to increase their heart rate. And if you ask them why they don't push themselves many times they will tell you they don't want to work too hard or be in any kind of uncomfortable state. Or they will say I just do this all the time and I'm used to it. The funny thing is that life is a lot like this as well. So many people live their lives on a proverbial treadmill...walking or running at a pace that never allows them to make any progress. I guess you could say it matches the title of one of my favorite U2 songs..."Running to Stand Still."

Are you someone who walks through life; going through the motions and never pushing yourself to be greater than your circumstances? Have you taken a hard look at where you are today? Have you had an internal dialogue or even an external dialogue with trusted friends or family about where you want your life to head? If you have done none of these things then I challenge you to do those things! Increase the speed and incline of your goals and dreams. Get your heart racing and build up a good sweat. Think about it this will gain absolutely nothing by doing nothing, but you will gain the opportunity to have a more fulfilling and worthwhile life if you go beyond your comfort zone.

Anyone that I've ever known to be very successful doesn't live their life on cruise control. They don't get dragged into what everyone else is doing. They create their own path and blaze through it with a sense of adventurousness and curiosity. They are explorers in their own life, always looking for ways to discover the very fire that burns deep within them. Find the fire within yourself and grow it until it engulfs and spreads into the fabric of everyone around you. You are capable of doing more than the status quo.

So, next time you are on that treadmill think about your life. Think about how good things are hard and how awesome that is! Good things should be hard! Don't prescribe to the assembly line of life. Get off the line and make a b-line towards the life you've always wanted.

Until next time...

Dr. D
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