Friday, December 30, 2011

Hold on to Your Love

"Many days I've longed for you
Wanting you
Hoping for the chance to get to know you
longing for your kiss
for your touch, your feel, your presence
Many nights I've cried from the things you do
Felt like I could die from the thought of losing you
I know that you're real
With no doubts, no fears
And no questions"

If you were reading the lines above and thought they sounded familiar then you probably know that they are lyrics from a song called "Love" by Musiqsoulchild. Musiq is one of my favorite artist of all time because of his amazing songs about love and devotion. Over the holidays I had some time to sit back and think about the love that I have in my life. While there are many people that I know, I know there are a certain people in my life where the love is so deep and genuine.

This is the kind of love that my mother and father who are 59 years old have for their 33 year old son when they give me a hug that lasts so long because we miss each other so much.

This is the kind of love from a wife who has hugged and kissed me at the door pretty much every day for the last seven years.

This the kind of love that you get when your best friends accept the greatest responsibility of raising your only child in the event that something fatal happens to both of us.

This is the kind of love that my brother and I have for each other as young men in our 30's still trying to impress each other and the warmth we have when we tell each other we love each other.

This is the kind of love that my wife and I see when we look into our baby girl's eyes and cry thinking about how beautiful the life she can now have due to her birth mother's adoption plan.

This is the kind of love that is kindled when the president of your company meets you later at night after a long day of meetings and tells you how much you mean to the company and ask what else can we do to be there for you?

It is not often to experience love so deep that just thinking about it sends you into a beautiful whirlwind of emotions. I want to encourage all of you reading this to hold on to the love that you have in your life. Hold on to the heartfelt memories between yourself and the people you love. Hold on to the gratitude you feel when those you love stick by you even when you aren't living right. Hold on to the memories of love with those who have passed on. Hold on and don't let go because love is not is extraordinary. It is both magical and comforting...overwhelming yet peaceful...and completely universal.

I will end off with a quote from my brother's best man wedding speech at my wife and I's wedding reception. My brother said "never forget where your love started and you will never see it end." Amen to that.

Until next time...

Dr. D

p.s. this blog post is dedicated to my recently deceased dog, Bob. He passed away a few days ago while my wife and I were on vacation. I will never ever forget the love we had and will always have for you. You were like my first child. I love you dearly and will miss you dearly. Thank you for being in our lives for 8 wonderful fun loving year. When you died, a piece of me went with you my golden friend.
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