Friday, January 13, 2012

Change the World...One Person at a Time

One of my favorite things is to do is to mentor new personal trainers into the business. There is sense of wonderment and determination in new trainers that many times gets lost in time with seasoned fitness professionals. I also, love when a new trainer comes to me and says they want to change the world and make as many people as possible live healthier lifestyle. While I commend their passion and ambition, a more realistic point of view is to change someone’s world not the whole world.
You see, too often we get caught up in trying to reach our arms out across the globe to help thousands when your greatest efforts often come in reaching out to a few who then affect another few and then so on and so forth. Affecting change is more of a local phenomenon rather than a worldwide phenomenon. I give this advice frequently to up and coming professionals in several fields who routinely want to have great success immediately. I will tell you what I tell them…focus your efforts on helping someone else become successful on a local level and you will see your success rise slowly over time.

Besides, would you even be able to handle large and widespread success if it came to you right away? More than likely the answer to that would be no! Equip yourself by focusing on the smaller acts of kindness with people in your life. Ask yourself this…when was the last time you told your spouse that they mean the world to you or have you asked them how can you serve them better? Or when was the last time you praised a co-worker or client for their tireless efforts in trying to improve themselves? Have you offered to take a friend to lunch and buy their meal?

These little things means so much to the people you do this for. My wife spent time growing a plant and after it was fully grown she gave it to a co-worker of hers who always steps up to the plate at work and helps so many people. This person was so touched by the gesture that she started to tear up. After my wife told me this story it just made me think (and I verbalized this as well to my wife) that people are really not that hard to please. Just remember the “say and do rule.” What is it? Always remember to say something and do something nice each day to bring joy to those who are in the grind with you each and every day.

And I guarantee you that the blessings you will receive from this will be better than anything you could imagine. Change someone else’s world and you set into motion the action of changing the whole world.
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