Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kindness Matters

I just couldn't sleep...the hours kept passing by and I kept wondering when I was going to feel like going to sleep. I was pretty wired from a long, demanding yet exciting weekend with the 3rd Annual Connect to Fitness Conference. My mind was racing as to how we could top what we did over the weekend for next year's conference. Well, as my mind was racing I found myself watching a few movies on the lifetime channel. Now, I know what you might be saying...Lifetime...really? The acting is bad and the story lines are thin at best. Ok, ok, you might be right, but in one of the movies I remember them talking about forming an organization at a school called Kindness Matters. For some reason at 1:30am in the morning that really resonated with me.

In my line of work I am constantly confronted with decisions about my own behavior and the behavior of others. How I react and treat people certainly creates a perception of the type of person I am. While it is important to have a range of emotions, it is definitely important to serve people with kindness and dignity. Kindness matters because people matter. Everyday we all have a great opportunity to treat the people in our lives with warmth, compassion and care. As a service provider, a husband, a father, a brother and a son, this is my biggest asset. I know that how I conduct my personal and professional life will directly impact the performance of those ares of my life.

One of the highlights of the Connect to Fitness Conference was listening to Elia Lata, Operations Manger for Zappos. I was so psyched to be able to get Zappos to present at our small yet growing conference. Elia talked about the Zappos culture and how it has helped Zappos become a hugely successful company. What stuck out the most about Elia's presentation was how he kept coming back to core values and aligning yourself with people who share your core values. If you gather a group or crew of liked minded people who truly care about changing the landscape of our culture then that's when sweeping reform happens. In the case of Zappos they have created a tidal wave of positive thinking and doing. That's power, but ultimately that's power that is focused on giving kindness and caring deeply about the people in your lives both personally and professionally.

So, what's the take home message...simple...kindness matters...people matter... and how you behave matters. Give kindness to others and watch how true and genuine things begin to move in your life. Take the time to love and care for other and see how you will receive it back in your life twofold. Giving kindness does not cost anything except for a little bit of your time. After all, if you are too busy to give kindness then you really have to examine the life you are living. What kind of life is that? Not one that will give you kindness back from others. Be kind. Be loving. Be giving. Be present in your life.

Until next time...

Dr. D

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