Monday, February 20, 2012

Love and Business

I know you have heard this before. It has been said many times and most of the times I know many of you say "there is no way that they mean it." Well, I am going to say it to you now and I am definitely going to mean it. What is it? Wait for is not about the money! That's right! And this is especially true when it comes to business networking. Now you might say..."isn't the point of getting into business to make money?" Well, yes, but what if I told you that you money is purely a byproduct of heartfelt behavior? we are getting somewhere.

You see I've been doing business a long time and I've met a ton of people. And in the 12 years I have been in the fitness, health and wellness industry I have been able to see substantial growth in in my financial portfolio. However, I would be a fool to think that it as was because I am the best "business man." Nope, my focus has been and will always be in becoming the best servant and caretaker of people that I can be. Money comes from the investment of love and faith that you have in others. It might not get you money in the short term, but boy does it grow your financial health in the long term.

So, how do you inject love and faith into your business life? You do it by demonstrating consistency in being a caring, kind, generous, faithful, trustworthy and follow through oriented professional. You don't meet people regularly and badger them into a business relationship. You meet people regularly and little by little pull them into a stable, committed and fulfilling partnership. In the end people always do business with people they like. People do business with people they feel truly get their passion and vision for their business. People do business with people they feel like they can have a beer with and just talk about life in general.

I always find it amusing when I meet with people and they try to "sell" me on products or get me to come this meeting or that meeting about this amazing new thing. I could care less about the products honestly. All I care about is YOU. I have to buy into you and anyone who knows me knows that I only work with people who I consider to be GOOD HUMAN BEINGS. That's it. Are you someone who I can love being around? Are you someone who I feel is loyal? That is the barometer. I've made tons more money in loving people than I have ever made in selling people on my businesses.

And funniest thing is why people still don't buy into love and loyalty as a business approach/business model. Zappos and Southwest Airlines are two of the most successful companies in the world and guess what their business models are?

Southwest Airlines = Love

Why aren't you buying in? And really what do you have to lose? If the worst thing you get out of loving people and creating loyalty in those you work with is friendship then isn't that a pretty good return on investment?

Until next time....

Dr. D

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