Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Does Your Life Have Meaning?

On my 3-hour drive home from my parent’s house I decided to make good use of my time on the road and listened to a lecture on cd. Some of you may do this as well. I call it “Education on the go. “ During the lecture there was an amazing message about answering your life's calling. It created so many thoughts in my head, what is my life’s calling? What purpose does god have for me here on earth? Some of you may be asking yourself the same questions.

FACT - everyone has a calling. Yes – even you! And it’s designed to bring out the best of you. It’s intergraded in your passion, your skills and your personality. I believe its God-given and every experience and decisions in your life continue to drive you closer to it. Therefore your calling is discovered not necessarily chosen. Our job is simply to honor the "raw materials" He designed us with and not force it.

Stuck pondering these questions I decided to reach out to some of my mentors to help me find my meaning and in doing so came up with 5 steps to find your calling.

Now I know this doesn’t happen over night, these are only steps to guide you in the right direction.

So how do you find your "calling"?

1. Spend time figuring out where/when your passion is stirred. What conversation topic could you talk about all night? What activities get you excited? What do your friends say you do really well? What defines you?

2. If time, money and education were not an issue - what would you do with your life?

3. Recognize this will take courage. The courage to declare. I find that many people (myself included) have the fear in declaring because now we have put it out there. Let the fear mobilize you into action, not paralyze you into inaction.

4. Understand that it’s a journey, filled with pain and joy. You may need to tighten your circle and cut some naysayers out. You might need to change jobs. None of us get there without some element of sacrifice.

5. If you’re still not sure what your calling to a few of your closest friends. The ones that will be brutally honest with you. Cook them a nice dinner, have some wine and ASK them what they think. They just might know you better than you know yourself.

Finally accept that God has a plan for your life. Be open, be faithful, and be grateful. You're already on the road there; you just may not know it yet. Remember Life is simple and about basics - keep them strong and your foundation will never crumble.

Please if you have any thoughts I would love to hear from you!

Blog by: Khaled Elmasri

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