Friday, April 6, 2012

Do What You Do and Do It Better

Every two weeks I have a very enlightened conversation with my mentor, Dr. Michael Norwood. Dr. Norwood has been a ardent supporter of mine since 2005 when we first met. He has not only provided me with good advice, but he has also allowed me the platform to spread my knowledge to him and his colleagues. In our most recent discussion we focused on personal training and how the profession as a whole is essentially failing. While there are segments and pockets of people who are amazing trainers, all in all there is a real lack of depth and quality in the personal training business. To make a long story short we have some pretty large plans to change this by emphasizing the strengths of the profession and this got me thinking about Tony Dungy.

Who is Tony Dungy? Tony Dungy was an NFL head coach for many years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Indianapolis Colts. He was also a former football player the league. Coach Dungy was one of my favorite coaches to observe because he was all about making the coaching profession better. He understood that in order to be successful that you have to "do what you do and do it better than everyone else." This was the mantra of his coaching days. Coach Dungy always believed that you did not have to do anything special or have a supernatural performance to be a great team. You just had to go out there and execute to your strengths better than the other team did.

This concept can be transferred to almost anything in life. In our lives we get way more accomplished when we focus on the things we do well and doing those things better. So much time is spent on what people don't do well and trying to improve them in that area. While there is merit in that I suggest spending more time mastering what you already do well. That's what I loved about watching the Colts play when they won the Superbowl under Dungy in 2007. That team relied upon solid quarterback and receiver play and the knack for being a mentally tough. They did not try to do things that weren't part of their identity.

As a fitness professional, father, husband, son and brother I know that it is my job to have consistent, predictable and honorable behavior. It is my job to use my unique gifts and strengths and continue to improve up on them so that I can provide a great life for my family and for myself. While I do want to work on the things that I am not so great at, I honestly believe that I need to focus more on my strengths in communication, creativity and follow through. If I can excel at those things and be better than most people at this then I will no doubt be successful than most.

The math is really simple...become great at the things that you are really good at! Don't spend all your time focusing on the negativity people launch your way in terms of your weaknesses or areas of improvement. That in many ways neglects your continued growth in your amazing strengths. Do what you do and do it better than everyone else.

Until next time...

Dr. D
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