Sunday, April 15, 2012

Find Your Center

When my grandfather passed away last year it was a very difficult time for our whole family. He was such an amazing man. Funny, charismatic, tough and lovable. When he passed my grandmother was the rock for all of us. She was so stoic and composed. While my grandmother was deeply saddened by her husband's passing, she also knew that she could fall back on her incredible strength and faithfulness in the Lord. Her faith in God is probably greater than anyone I have ever met. The Lord was and always has been her center and that is why she handled my grandfather's passing with such grace and composure. She has always known what her center is.

Nana's (what we call my grandmother) faith in God during Papa's (what we called my grandfather) passing reminded me of the conversations that my wife Michelle and I had when we were both on back in March 2003. While we had several things that we were looking for in a potential mate, we definitely made sure that having a strong faith in God was top of the list. We knew for us at least, that if we were going to thrive in the good times and tough times of a marriage that we needed to have a center. The Lord has continued to be that center in our almost eight years of marriage. No matter what we know we can always come back home to our center.

In my travels working with folks professionally and personally I can always spot when someone does not have a positive center in their lives to lean on especially during the tough times. When you don't have some sort of positive center in your life you tend to cope by clinging on to negative things and addictions that only cause difficult circumstances to become worse. You tend to move towards destructive vices versus constructive solutions. Your best shot at dealing with conflict and thriving in happiness is to make sure that you are deeply rooted in a positive center. A positive home plate or refuge. Ask yourself this right now...what is your positive center? What is home base for you?

While my home base above all things is the Lord, yours may be different. As long as it is a positive center that facilitates healing and healthy perspectives towards the things you are going through then you are definitely on the right track. Friends, I hope more than anything that you have a center that is your sanctuary for the trials, tribulations and triumphs in life. Not only will you cope better with what you deal with everyday, but you will be a better person to others as they will appreciate your ability to effectively deal with the hurdles of life. Find your center.

Until the next time...

Dr. D
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