Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Digging In

My wife and I sat in two small wooden seats located near the window facing the street at The Beat Coffee Shop here in Downtown Vegas. As we looked at the streets with people streaming left and right we were in awe of how this area of town has changed so much. Back when we first moved to Vegas in 2004 there was no real reason to go past Fremont and 6th street. It was a rough area and very run down. However, with the emergence of the Downtown Project and all the wonderful people involved in it, downtown vegas has become a beacon of hope and light for so many. There is a real sense of community growing downtown and one Mr. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, has made it his mission along with others to make this area a symbol for change.

I can certainly identify with Mr. Hsieh's efforts as my own organization, Connect to Fitness, has been on the ground level of fitness community change for the past three plus years. However, instead of focusing on customers we focus on service providers. My goal when I founded CTF was to seek out, counsel and take care of the fitness professionals in Vegas. And much like the Downtown Project knows, there will be no overnight success.

Have we done a good job at that? I believe so, but we have many, many years to go to create a larger tidal wave of commitment in the fitness community. And why is that? Well, we could go round and round and talk about several reasons, but the real truth is that there can be no buy in without long term positive decision making, consistency and effort on the innovators part. I understand that Connect to Fitness is not a 2-3 year prjoect, it is a essentially a generational project. We cannot and will not create the ultimate buy into CTF because it is just a good idea. It has to have some serious legs over the long haul and I am digging in for just that purpose.

I was doing a lecture with some students about networking and I was talking about the amazing effectiveness of one on one meetings. One student raised his hands and said "ok, but when do we make money?" While we all got a chuckle out of the question, I looked that student dead in the eyes and said "money is a byproduct of slow and purposeful relationship building." He seemed to understand my point as did many of the students. And they also understood that big business and movements are created in small ways everyday.

So, you have to ask yourself...am I willing to withstand the grind and do what others won't do to become great over the long haul?

As my wife and I sat in front of that window facing Fremont Street we were reminded that truly great people challenge tradition and stay committed to the goals they have over the long haul. Mr. Hsieh is digging in for the rebirth of Downtown along with so many others. He is creating buy in that is unprecedented in Vegas. How is he doing that? He is moving Zappos to Downtown, he is investing money downtown, he lives downtown and digging in for the downtown revival.

Are digging in for the life you want?

Unti next time...

Dr. D

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