Thursday, June 21, 2012

Success Is Not a Mistake

While at my Aunt's wedding in New York City this past weekend, I had a great opportunity to spend some time chatting with the pastor of the wedding ceremony. After we exchanged pleasantries, the pastor proceeded to tell me a wonderful story about my father. The pastor went to high school with my Dad and remembers the character of my father as a high school student and how that influenced other people at the school. He also talked about my father being a star football player at Hempstead High School. But what really made an impression upon me was how he asked all the players who they looked up to the most on the team and they all said Tony Parker, my father. Wow. That was so amazing to hear. The Pastor said that even in high school that my father was a serious, determined, focused and a leader. In short, my father was going to be successful in life because he prepared for that success. Today, my father is a retired Army Colonel who is highly successful in his defense contracting job. He has been married to my mother for 38 years and counting. Success was not a mistake for my father.

In fact success is generally speaking never a mistake. In the game of life there are consequences to decisions and as one of my colleagues and mentors Dr. Michael Norwood always says, "you must prepare for success." In preparing for success you have to know that it is shaping of small victories and good decision making that leads to your ultimate goals of success. There is no overnight success stories. If you look at any local, regional or national figure, success was a long and many times arduous journey. However, ask anyone, it was so worth it because true success involved struggle and triumph, but most of all it involves doing the little things well and doing them well over and over again.

This is why people like Nick Langridge have climbed the ladder at JMU to become an important centerpiece to the school's growth. This is why Anthony Parker Jr. (aka Wordsmith) started his hip hop artist career over 8 years ago and is now one of the most respected indie hip hop artists in the world. This is why Jason Harman, who never was a lead tennis pro at a club, took on Club Ridges and made it into the Tennis Club of the year by the USTA after only three years on staff. This is why Charles Ware started out as a personal trainer with a dream to affect large healthcare change and now he is the Executive Director of Professional Fitness Institute which helps personal training students all across the country create positive lifestyle changes for clients. Success is not a mistake.

So, ask yourself...are you doing the right things in your life to create the success you so badly want to achieve? As Pastor Dave from my days at JMU used to tell me, "Darian, if you don't do the right things you are delaying God's destiny for you." Amen to that Pastor D. Do the right them regularly and work like crazy to never let anyone stop you from accomplishing what you've dreamed of. It is there for the taking. Will you do what is necessary to take it?

Until next time...

Dr. D
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