Sunday, October 7, 2012

Protect Your Shield

Sometimes a series of events can lead to a very large philosophical question. I was in my office and I was pulled into an impromptu meeting that would have a profound effect on me. You see the concept of protecting who you are became a running theme throughout the meeting. I was then sitting in Church with my wife and our pastor began to speak about protecting one's identity as a follower of Christ. And then as my wife and I were driving home I began to speak up about the interesting theme that had developed over the course of that day. I asked my wife a question and I really wanted her to answer it honestly because I felt it had everything to do with the essence of us as human beings. While staring at the road with the sun setting in the distance I said, "Shel, if you had a shield and that shield represented what you stood for, what would you be protecting?" Now, my wife was understandably somewhat thrown back by the question, but she understood that this was a question that required some real thought. And why? Well, because whatever she was going to verbalize that defined her or whatever she said she was protecting would inevitably mean quite a bit. My wife joked for a second about some qualities that defined her, but then she got serious and she said she stood for friendliness, kindness and trustworthiness and that she would always do what she could do to protect that.

Everyone has something or a variety of things that they stand for. Therefore, everything that you stand for becomes your shield. And in order for you to protect that shield it is vital that you completely embrace what you have engraved as the focus of your existence. Now the other note to this is that hopefully you are standing for positive things versus negative things. Because there are many people knowingly or unknowingly that stand for negativity and that is not a shield that you want to carry and represent.

Ok, you might be saying... isn't this a bit heavy? Not at all because everyday there are people who are out to create cracks in that positive shield that will eventually lead to the total destruction of that shield. Or in straight forward terms....this can lead to the abandonment of all that you are. So, you have to ask yourself these two questions over the course of your life. What do I stand for as a human being? And am I willing to protect what I stand for? I would encourage anyone reading my blog to take the time to answer these questions honestly to determine if you really representing your shield well. If you are then great! If you are not then know that you can always repair your shield. You can always make amends no matter where you are in life. Are you willing to put in the work though to carry that shield proudly?

It is my hope that you want to put in the work and anyone who is reading this, please know that I am cheering you on in your journey whether you are in a good place or struggling. I am here for you. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Protect your shield.

Until next time...

Dr. D

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