Thursday, November 15, 2012

Discovering Your Other Life

I have found myself being very social these past few years with the increase in networking that I have done with my networking organization, Connect to Fitness, and in growing as a professional in the fitness industry. I have searched high and low to be associated with as many fitness pros as possible to get to know them and learn more about their desires and dreams. In the course of this journey I have learned so much about being in larger circles and making great connections. However, I have also learned that spending time on the road less traveled also leads to a very peaceful and fulfilling life. A life that is different than the push hard all the time, work all the time life.

So many times in life we strive to become the center of our own galaxy. We crave the attention and the adoration of others because it makes us feel good in the moment. We think that staying front and center will keep us relevant and important in the eyes of others. But does it? Maybe to a certain extent, but in the end it won't sustain you. It won't completely fill you up with the goodness and peace that you desire. I have found that you can still be a prominent figure and leader in your life if you take the time to balance it with the desire to grow professionally AND the desire to go off the beaten path of your life. I find that going off the beaten path from time to time greatly accelerates your growth as a human being.

This was a large reason for my wife and I booking a trip to Iceland in the spring of 2013. Sometimes it is just good to be disconnected and lost from the world you know to explore another world that you don't know. I look forward to disappearing that week and living a simpler life where my smartphone does not exist...where the landscape is foreign to me and each place that I go adds to the warm and inviting experiences in my life. Even while writing this I am not only thinking of my trip to Iceland, but other trips hopefully to my birth country, Germany, for the Kris Kringle Markt or hiking in Peru to see Machu Picchu. Wherever or whatever it may be, I want to spend more time discovering a different life that I know exists out there for me.

And I know it exists out there for you as well! Don't be afraid to explore that life from time to time. You deserve to discover so much more about you and you can do that when you step out of your normal paces and intermittently enter into new territory. The world is full of great adventures and opportunities to expand your horizons. The question is....will you take the time to discover it?

Until next time...

Dr. D

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