Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super Human

Like most kids and for that fact adults these days, I love watching super hero movies like the Avengers. Ever since I can remember I have been struck by the amazing nature of these types of films. It is filled with people who are either born with or are given tremendous super human gifts. Some superheroes can fly. Some have extraordinary strength. Some can control your mind. Whatever the power a super hero possesses it generally heightens their sense of responsibility and status in the world. I don't know a person today who wouldn't want to have some type of super power.

Actually though, don't you already have one or several super powers? Ok, this is where you might be reading this and thinking "I am not following." However, follow my thought process. Each and every person is in their own way super human. If you really thought about it you have some unique talent or ability that makes you different from others. I once saw a special about a five or six year old girl who could paint the most amazing pictures and her parents did nothing to foster her ability. No lessons or school taught her this. She just had this amazing ability. How about someone who can just listen to music and play it back on an instrument without ever learning to play the instrument? Or how about people who can remember an insane amount of numbers and equations just off the top of their head?

While these might be more extreme cases of real life super powers, they are indeed super to humans. And I am here to tell you that you possess some special talent or ability that you can use to positively affect others. Some people have the beautiful gift of uniting others and serving others. Some people amaze the world with their great athletic gifts. Some people are wonderful at writing great pieces of work. Some people are great at expressing themselves through the medium of theater. Some people can make food look like art. Some people are just great magnets. They have a natural aura that makes people trust their decision making and leadership. Whatever it is, you are blessed with something amazing in your DNA. The question you value your gifts enough to let them help you and others live a successful, passionate and purposeful life?

Be bigger than your circumstances and know that whatever gifts you have been given that they are super to other humans.

Be superhuman.

Until next time...

Dr. D

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