Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Value Now, Not Later

Over the past few years I have enjoyed learning about art and the many amazing artists who create it. Art is beautiful, creative and tells a wonderful story in each piece that is created. One of the other values in art is that it appreciates many times over as it gets older and/or when the artist who created it passes away. While this is a positive thing for many, I find it to be sad that value is increased when someone or something passes on. Why can't we increase the value of things while they are currently in our lives?

This question is one that I have tangled with over the past few years. It is interesting that we as human beings tend to praise, care and effuse over things once they are gone. When someone passes away we always remember the good things about them. We miss how someone close to us made us feel. We speak about them with reverence and respect. However, what I often hear from people is that they wish they said and did more nice things for ones they loved while there were alive. Why do we wait until something is gone to give it it's proper praise? Why can't we tell people several times throughout their lives how much we love them and show them how much we care about them? Instead we elevate a person's value after they are gone and we mourn the fact that we can't go back and give them more of our love.

The same can be said for activities, businesses and opportunities that come and go in life. Regardless of what it is, the lesson to be learned is that once something is gone you no longer have the power to affect it. And the funny thing is that for many people, once that power is gone, that's when it kicks in to miss it and praise it.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to live a life where I wait to tell the people and things that I enjoy how much they mean to me. One of the things I love doing every 2-3 months or so is to tell the people I care about how much they mean to me. I like to send random emails to them or just call them out of the blue. I will send letters or just ask them how I can cheer lead or help them reach their goals in life. I don't want to wait until they are gone out of my life. It is too late then.

All of us have the time no matter what is going on in our lives to increase the value of many things in our lives while they are still in our lives. Don't appreciate people or things more when they are not around. Value now, not later...

Dr. D

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