Friday, February 22, 2013

Exceptional is Not Replaceable

Usually as my evening begins to wind down, I spend about 20 minutes looking for great content on the internet related to customer service, fitness, health and wellness. I recently came across a great article by Amy Rees Anderson called "Great Employees are Not Replaceable." I was struck by the simplicity and direct nature of the article. So many times I read articles where authors discuss new gadgets to improve business, but this article was the opposite of that. It focused on amazing employers as the drivers of greatness in business, not products.

As the General Manager of a high end private fitness facility, attention to detail is what makes my job and the job of my employees extremely important. I've worked several jobs in my life, but none has been more rewarding and fulfilling as both an employee and an employer than working at Club Ridges. Our goal is simple...provide exceptional, detailed and friendly service to the residents of the community we serve. I find great joy in filling the bins with the proper amount of sugar packets, stirrers and cups. I love making sure that our lemon water is always half ice, half water. I like the steady and calming nature of folding towels. I feel pride in making sure our locker room showers are always full with shampoo, conditioner, body wash. And as I make my way over to the amenity tray in our locker room, I am meticulous in how the toothbrushes are laid out along with the lotion, razors and cue tips. And this is the level of service I expect of my staff. This is a large part of what got me to where I am today.

However, it is even more gratifying when you find an employee who goes above and beyond the standards you set. These are employees who have a vision for their future. These are employees who see every task they are given as a proving ground to increase their value and worth. They attack their job! These people are exceptional and no matter what anyone says, these people are not replaceable. I repeat, these type of employees are not replaceable! And the same can be said for friends and family members who exhibit such a highly level of character, care and commitment to others in their lives. These folks are not just important people in your life, they are life changers because they positively affect all aspects of the lives of people they come in contact with.

These are people you want to grow closer to because these folks demonstrate humanity to the fullest. They are calm and kind in the midst of adversity, generous and supportive when others succeed and they are always continuing to explore and grow their knowledge base. You can't lose employees, friends and family members like this. The consequences are too great. Exceptional is not replaceable....

Until next time.

Dr. D

p.s. this blog post is dedicated to my brother, Anthony Parker, Jr. aka Wordsmith (music stage name). You have grown into a wonderfully exceptional human being brother. I love you and can't wait to see you continue to serve others.

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