Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Gotta Be the Shoes

I remember when I signed my letter of intent to run track for James Madison University. I couldn't wait to get to school and meet my new teammates and to make an impact on the track. One of the other things I was excited for was the equipment room day we had each year. This was the day that everyone on the team was provided gear for both indoor and outdoor track seasons. While I enjoyed getting my warm up suit, tights and jacket, I really looked forward to getting a brand new pair of shoes. As any avid runner can attest to, you know your going to go through shoes throughout the course of the year with a high volume of training. I love the way my new shoes felt as I slipped them on in the locker room. I was ready to test them out in the crazy hard workouts we always had in college. 

What's funny about shoes is that it doesn't matter really if you are an athlete, recreation runner or walker. Great shoes just make you feel good! 10 plus year now removed from my last track and field meet in college, I still have fond memories of all of my track shoes (jogging and racing spikes). These days I no longer do workouts in track spikes, but I certainly enjoy a nice pair of running shoes. As a current fitness, health and wellness professional I continue to train at a very high intensity so I still love the feeling of putting on a new pair of shoes and testing them out.

Recently, I was provided a great opportunity to test out some Saucony's new minimalist running shoe, the Virrata. These shoes reminded me so much about being a track and field athlete. Having a light and comfortable pair of shoes was a must back in the day and it still applies.Weighing in at a super light 6.7 oz, these shoes feel like running in track spikes, which I was used to running in college. Therefore, that lower/lack of a cushy heel felt normal to me. However, I can see how that could take some getting used to if you don't have experience wearing a shoe like this.

Additionally, you feel a bit more free in these shoes like you could spread your toes around a bit more, which I liked. I tested the shoes on both treadmill and outdoor runs in addition to functional training and spin class. I liked how light I felt when I was running and over time I never felt like the shoes were sliding at all on my feet or creating any friction that would make my runs uncomfortable. The design and appearance of the shoes also add to the likability of the shoes. They are sleek and stylish with a funky and fun green color combination for the men's shoes. I also love the mesh looking material that is on the top and sides of the shoe. It almost looks clear which is kind of cool. Overall, I really enjoy these shoes and will end up making them my shoe for all types of exercise I do.

And I know one things for sure. If these shoes were on my feet on that first equipment day back in college I know everyone on my team would have loved them. Not only because of the functionality as that was first and foremost to us, but also because everyone loves an awesome pair of new kicks! I mean who doesn't love that?

Disclosure: I received a free pair of shoes as part of being a Fitfluential Ambassador. I was not compensated and the viewpoints expressed in this blog are my own.
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