Friday, April 26, 2013

Get to Zero

Have you ever had one of those transformation based conversations with someone? You of those conversations where the light bulb turns on and you have this amazing epiphany. A few years back I had one of those conversations with a good friend of mine. We were discussing the state of human existence and making moves to get ahead in life and immediately I thought of a concept that til this day shapes the person I am. It is the concept of getting to zero. 

Now you might be saying at to yourself at this point "Why would getting to zero be of any significance? I mean isn't zero a negative thing?" And I would tell you that while zero might mean not having much, it also means having the ability to obtain everything you need in your life to be successful. If you really think about it, zero is the starting point of all things. It is the blast off point for progress and growth in all areas of one's life. If a person can get to to zero then they have a great foundation for getting into the most positive aspects of the human existence. This however, cannot be accomplished if you are in the negative. And now you might be saying, "What is the negative?"

It's like this...take any area of your life and if you feel and/or know that you definitively unhappy and moving backwards then you are in the negative. Let's take money for instance. A topic that many people are struggling with and are in the negative. If you are credit card rich, cash poor and aren't planning for your retirement then you are in a negative financial state. You can't possibly move forward financially if you don't have a positive and effective growth system for income and expenses. Or how about someone who constantly jumps jobs or stays in a negative job situation. You can't possibly find happiness in a job situation if you constantly leave good jobs when you think the grass is greener. And in the same vein, you can't find your best job opportunity when you allow yourself to be continually treated negatively in a job. Oh and how about relationships, which is so personal to each and everyone. You can't flourish a relationship if neither party has communicated the expectations and desires of each other.. You also can't flourish any type of relationships if both parties don't continue to work and grow with each other as the years pass by. These are all negative states of being. 

So, what does getting to zero and ultimately getting into the positive look like in these situations? debt and pay for things with cash. Plan for your future.

Job...if you have a good/great one...keep it and grow it! If you have a bad one...find a new one or take the jump to get more education in a new area to do something you love. 

Relationships...communicate and set the expectations from the beginning of any relationship to build long term success.

While these are big areas of each person's life, you can approach getting to zero which means moving towards the positive in all aspects of your life no matter how big or small it may be. However, before you can do that you need to ask yourself one question. Real simple. Are you at zero?

Until next time....

Dr. D

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