Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Wild Wild West...Social Media

I'm not one of those Las Vegas locals who hates going to the strip. No sir. Not me. One of my favorite things to do on a weekly basis is to go down to the strip and enjoy a walk down the lively walkways of the Las Vegas Strip. I love the energy and busy nature of the strip. And I especially love all of the amazing food options from world renown chefs. During one of the times we were driving down to the strip, my wife and I began to discuss my most recent monthly lecture that I do for Professional Fitness Institute titled "The World of Networking." In that lecture I talk about using social media as a vehicle to meet people offline. Now, am I social media expert? Maybe...maybe not. However, I can tell you that I do believe I am very good at using it for meeting people offline and for building a credible and vibrant fitness business and networking circle outside of my full time fitness gig at Club Ridges here in Vegas. And I can also tell you that after many years of studying and using social media I have come to one very large conclusion about social media which my wife also has come to....Social Media is the Wild Wild West of the 21st century.

Social Media is a free for all that has very few rules of engagement. And with any service that has no real structure there are going to be major pitfalls with participation in it. There is going to be crazy rants on ideology, political views and religion. There are going to pointless and random posts that have no purpose. And there are those who will make social media their form of therapy. All of those things lead to the free for all and ultimately damage and stain a person's reputation. This is why I so love doing my monthly lecture at PFI. You see I focus on three major pillars of social media usage: 1) Knowing the connotation of the social media service you are using 2) Developing a purposeful posting approach and 3) Focusing on quality versus volume.

I truly believe if you do this you will eliminate the lack of progress you see in your social media usage for your business. And in terms of personal usage, you will create much more interesting and thought provoking posts that have substance versus superficiality. Those three pillars of social media usage have helped me tremendously over the years to end the free for all mentality I used to have years ago. It has helped me foster plenty of quality offline relationships and for that I am very thankful for social media. And if you had to pick one of those pillars to remember then pick the connotation one. Remember this...Facebook is a Picnic, Twitter is a Cocktail Party, LinkedIn is a Black Tie Affair, Instagram is an Amateur Art Gallery and a Blog is an Online Diary. As long as you know the etiquette in each of those environments you will be fine. And if you don't know the etiquette of any of those environments then please feel free to ask me.

And never ever forget this...the real point of being social in life is being social in person and not online. I would never trade walking down the strip and enjoying this awesome city with my wife and daughter for any amount of "likes" or comments I would receive on social media. The virtual experience will never replace the real world.

Until next time...

Dr. D

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