Friday, August 16, 2013

Who's in Your Corner?

Vacation always has a way of bringing perspective to one's life. Anytime you break your routine and see how others live their lives you instantly enhance and grow your experiences in life. Whether you are on an exotic vacation or visiting family members, the break in your everyday responsibilities reminds us of the larger picture in life. I know for me that my time back east visiting my parents, brother and in-laws really made me think of that. One question stuck in my mind and it is a question that greatly defines how others perceive us. That question is....Who's in Your Corner?

Who you associate with you in life is a constant reminder of perception people have of you. As I have gotten older I have seen the same pattern in people. This pattern is almost identical in each and every person who lives on the earth. You grow up and you create a larger circle of people who you know. As you get older that circle gets smaller and smaller. As you age the quality of relationships far outweigh the quantity of relationships in one's life. While people have an innate need for affiliation, I have learned that as your life advances we have a learned and innate need to gather people in our corner who mean the most to us.

When I teach my World of Networking monthly course for Professional Fitness Institute I always start off the presentation by telling the students that it important to meet a lot of different people, but ultimately it is crucial that you meet the RIGHT people in life. The right people are greatly invested into your success. The right people look around corners to anticipate the consequences of their behaviors. The right people follow through and prepare for success.

Those are the type of people that should be in your life. I've said this to students, family members and more....success does not mix with mediocrity. I've never seen a successful organization who had extremely poor personal and professional behavior running rampant throughout the organization. And while there are certainly exceptions to what I am about to say, the majority of the time well behaved and personally successful people usually come from other well behaved and personally successful people. If you allow your corner to be filled with people who exhibit poor personal and professional behavior/decision making then you will accomplish very few things in life that have real substance to it.

Before I finish this off ask yourself these questions...

1. Who are the people I consistently associate myself with and what is their consistent personal and professional behavior?

2. What is my consistent personal and professional behavior?

I would love to hear from you guys about your through process in answering these questions. Thanks!

Until next time....

Dr. D

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