Friday, December 20, 2013

Purpose and Actions

As a personal trainer the most crucial time with a client is often the time you get with a client before they actually start working out with you. The intake/assessment provides a powerful understanding of the client's purpose for wanting to hire a personal trainer. In my history as a trainer, and I can only speak from my perspective, the clients who stop personal training after a short period of time are the one's who focus primarily on external results. They believe that the purpose of personal training is for me to be their MAIN source of action for them to look good for a wedding, vacation season or just to keep up with how people think they should look.

The clients who stick with personal training on a long term basis tell me during the assessment that they want to hire me because they want to feel better, have more energy and just want to be fitter. They never talk about wanting to change a certain part of their body or look like someone else. Nope, they just want to feel better internally and be happier overall. These folks always give great effort and commitment based on my experience. However, the superficial purpose based clients always exhibit poor actions towards their health and well being. You see, your purpose for doing something directly affects the quality and zest of your actions. Think about it this much better would your actions be towards working with a personal trainer if this was your purpose for it:

"The purpose of hiring a personal trainer is to provide professional guidance in the form of a progressive exercise training program designed to enhance your internal physical health while also aiding your mental, social and emotional capabilities with a bonus of external outward improvement."

Often our purpose for participating in a variety of life's activities is misguided because of misinformation or the social popularity of activities that people feel they must be a part of because they don't want to be left out of the crowd. Exercising is just one example that I mentioned above, but think about all of the other things you engage in currently and ask yourself these two questions:

1. Have I properly defined the purpose of the activity I am involved in?

2. Are my actions in line with the properly defined purpose of the activity I am involved in?

The real take away point here is that whatever activity you decide to participate in, make sure that you understand the overall purpose and the actions associated with successful outcomes in that activity. If you can't understand or are not willing to abide by these things then you are just spinning your wheels in the things you are involved in. Whatever you do....make it count.

Until next time....

Dr. D
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