Friday, April 11, 2014

The Goodness Rule

One of my favorite things to do is interview people for jobs. I have participated in a great deal of interviews over the past six plus years. When I first started interviewing people I was pretty robotic and dry. I felt I needed to be super professional and generally what someone in my position is supposed to be like. I would ask dry, cookie cutter based questions that really accomplished nothing. I asked about credentials and job experience and while those things matter, I quickly learned that those things DO NOT always translate into good employees. I never took the time to learn about the person as whole and for a while that stung me when it came to making good hiring decisions. After a little while of doing that I decided to take a fresh approach. An approach that was all about the person I am and not the person everyone thinks I should be as an employer. I began to go into interviews with potential candidates and truly invest into their goodness as human beings. For me, being a good person is WAY MORE important than being proficient in any academic measure or how many years of experience someone has in a job. 

Yes, I know what some of you might be saying. don't care that much about job experience and the number of letters, bells and whistles behind someone's name? Don't you have a Ph.D? Yes, I do, but that crap does not matter if you are a terrible person. While I do care about credentials and experience, it is not hugely high on my list of deal closers for hiring someone.  I believe that goodness is a better indicator of success than just looking at someone's resume and saying they have the right qualifications. Point blank...if you suck at being a human being then you can't work for me. If you can't be good to other people and genuinely love what you do then you can't work for me. If you don't want to be part of team and you are just using this job as an experience builder then you can't work for me. I want your goodness and kindness more than your educational and experience based qualifications. 

Almost every single person at the club I run, Club Ridges, has a resume that would not blow you away. If you looked at my staff's resumes you might much experience there....not much education there. What the resumes don't show is that my staff has a lot of heart and soul. That's the stuff goodness is made of. That's the stuff that keeps clients coming back for more services because they love to love goodness in people. 

And this applies to almost any facet of your life. Think about it. Are you living by the goodness rule? Are you surrounding yourself with people who exhibit and demonstrate humanity on a high level consistently? If you are then good for you! I am happy that you recognize the value and importance of positive people in your life. If you are not surrounding yourself with goodness in your life then I can promise you...100%...that your life will not amount to much. Inconsiderate, selfish, angry and negative people ALWAYS delay a good person's progress. Don't get stuck around negativity in your life. Breathe goodness into your life and do your best to help others gain goodness as well, but you can only do so much if another person is not willing to change and be positive. Help with boundaries my friends. 

You hope is that goodness seeps into every aspect of your life. My hope is that you allow goodness to wash over you. My hope is that if you believe in hiring for goodness, being friends with goodness and doing business with goodness that you will experience a tremendous amount of love and reward in your life. Its out there for you. Be brave and go get that goodness in your life. Its waiting for you...

Until next time...

Dr. D
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