Friday, May 23, 2014

Thankful for Enough

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend three days in Hawaii during this week with my daughter and my wife. The objective of this journey....more peace of mind and adventure. These past two months have been a time of life reflection for me. It has been journey within to discover more about the life I have lived and the life I will live in the near future. As I played with my daughter on the beach outside of our hotel in Waikiki, I was struck not only by the beauty of landscape we were witnessing, but also the vitality our existence and the eventual end of it as well. When we were done playing we all stood on the beach and watched the sun set. The setting and rising of the sun in many ways mimics the rise and fall of the events of our lives. The pain, the joy, the loss of innocence, the constant search for connection and the larger view of the meaning of our lives. As the sun sank behind the mountains, the crowd of people who were watching the sunset immediately dispersed and everyone went back to their previous activities. Rise and one minute and gone the next.

It was in those moments on the beach with my family that I became increasingly aware that what I have in my life is enough for me. Its funny...many people asked me why we didn't spend more than three days in Hawaii and my response was the same. I just wanted to get a taste, an experience of a new journey...a break from my routine. Those three days were enough for me. The fact that I was able to do three days was a blessing in itself. In our lives we are constantly defined by how much more we can consume of something. It ranges from how much more money we desire, how many more material items we can possess to how many more "likes" someone can get to improve their attention based status. Our consumption of more leaves little time to be thankful for the enough that we receive each day. I look at my life and on a daily basis I receive love from those closest to me. On a daily basis I can make or purchase food to give my body the nourishment that it needs. On a daily basis I go to work and am fulfilled in a positive and caring work environment that makes a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of others. On a daily basis I am able to walk, run, jump and exercise my body. Every day I have enough and for that I am beyond thankful. I don't wish for what I had. I just am glad that I had it.

And if you are reading this I hope that you know that you are given enough everyday to continue to live and carry on everyday. You may not have what you want, but certainly you are given each day the tools for what you need to move on each day. I truly believe that if you have an attitude of grace and thankfulness for what has been enough for you then you are one step closer to getting the things you want in your life.  Everyday is an opportunity to grow and think positively about what you have and you can receive more if you make good decisions and give the right effort for what you desire. In the end though, you will always have enough. Be thankful for that.

One of the highlights of my Hawaii trip was my wife and I renewing our wedding vows after 10 years of
marriage. It was honestly a highlight of my life to do that on the beach in Hawaii with our 2 year old daughter looking on. At one point I thought to myself that this scene is so surreal. I also thought to myself that I have been given the world in this 10 years of marriage with my wife. What more could I even think of asking for? Nothing. I am happy with what I have.

Until next time....

Dr. D
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