Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Know Your Role

When I lived in Germany during my middle school years I loved playing baseball. My brother and I were on many teams throughout the years, but our baseball teams in Germany were special. The camaraderie and friendship we experienced on those teams made living in another country much easier for my brother and I. And it also helped that we were on very good teams. In fact one of our teams ended up playing in the Corps Championships, which was for military kids from all over Germany. It was an honor to play in those championships. We were a bunch of middle school kids who just loved to play baseball, but the prevailing theme on our team that made us successful was that everyone on the team, even at that young age, knew their role on the team. The coaches on our team made sure to place each kid in the best position to be successful and have fun. That's what made our team special. Its hard to have kids sometimes understand that concept, but we got it and we leaned on the fact that each of us had different skill sets and strengths that added to our team's success. No kid tried to go outside of that and it was remarkable to see it. 

As an adult, I recognize that the concept of knowing your role is critical to the success of anything in life. This is especially important as a business professional. As the General Manager of a high end private residential fitness facility here in Las Vegas, our team's success has been based on the concept of knowing your role and loving people in their role. Everyone who works at Club Ridges understands their strengths as an employee at our club. We have placed people in roles where they can be successful and that in turn has created tremendous value and support from the consumers of the facility. 

Many businesses fail not because of monetary issues, but because of personnel issues. I often find that failing businesses employ people who are negative and who don't have a good understanding of themselves and why they are in that line of work. But probably the biggest problem is having a leader of a business who has poor hiring practices and they themselves are not fit to be a leader of people. Think about it...if you are the leader of a business and you don't know your own role then how can you lead others? I often find that leaders of great businesses have this amazingly measured presence and decision making ability. They are sure of their direction, their intensity and they take the time to get to know their staff on a professional and personal level. 

And you know what? Its OK to not be the leader. Not everyone's cut out to be the CEO, GM, President or any other top position of a company. Maybe you are better at being an employee than being an entrepreneur. Maybe you are better at being a wing man in your job.  There's nothing wrong with that. But on the other side maybe you do have the stuff to be the leader of the company. Regardless, you just need to know what role you play and then you need to play that role to the best of your effort level and ability. Once you do that I promise you will experience a wonderful level of sustained success in your life. 

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Dr. D

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