Monday, October 20, 2014

Beer and Community

As you may have noticed, my family and I tend to travel a lot these days. My goal is that we never stop doing that as we really love exploring and experiencing new places all over the globe. When you travel frequently to far off places or local hot spots, you often find so much that you thought you would never find. It is the unexpected that continues to keep me going back for more trips. Nothing was more unexpected and amazing than my encounter with my friends Jerard Nighorn and Brian Gajeski.

I met Jerard and Brian while at the 2013 IHRSA show in Las Vegas. Jerard and Brian had a booth on the floor at IHRSA. What's funny is that I didn't meet Jerard or Brian at their booth. It was a small encounter in the lobby area of the event. I was doing my normal thing of chatting with new people and Jerard noticed that I was the person who was talking to everyone. He sensed my energy and just wanted to chat. That chat almost a few years ago was the beginning of a friendship. While we discussed the Vemma products they had at their booth and health/fitness, what really got me going was that Jerard just genuinely wanted to get to know me. We talked about our love for NFL football and it was then that I learned that he and Brian live in Green Bay, Wisconsin...home of the Packers! Going to a Packer game was a bucket list opportunity for me. I didn't know how I was going to be able to go to one of the games, but I figured maybe one day. Literally after knowing Jerard for a day he invited me out to a game in Green Bay! Just like that. Community (little did I know that people in Green Bay are just the most generous people I have met on the planet). Jerard is a season ticket holder and he wanted me to have that experience. I barely knew Jerard, but he treated me like family. I was astounded.

Almost two years later I finally made good on that trip. I am writing you from Green Bay, Wisconsin and I am telling you it was a life changing trip. That generosity, kindness and community that Jerard and Brian showed me at IHRSA was 10 fold in Green Bay. I have never met nicer people who also love to drink beer! As I made my way through the legendary tailgating atmosphere at Green Bay I was astonished by how many people greeted me with a warm smile and kind words. Brian, who has a gym in town called The Bod-e, introduced me to several of the members at the gym. They were just the kindest people around. They had their own tailgate area and it was so amazing to see all of these people who work out together, but who also celebrate and enjoy life together. It was more than just fitness for them. I loved it. We drank lots of booze, laughed really hard, told some funny stories and watched the Packers play in historic Lambeau Field. It was a trip of a lifetime...I'm definitely going back!

As I sit here in the airport ready to go back home to Las Vegas, I am reminded of the good the world
still has in it. People truly do make the world go around. And people can make the world go around in a positive direction or a negative direction. Whatever attitude people bring to their lives is what they will end up growing. Good begets good and bad begets bad. The people of Green Bay certainly show that goodness is alive and well. They helped me fall back in love with the idea of community. This is a community of people who literally will hold your cup of booze when your hands are cold or they will give you the shirt off their back. Seriously, an awesome gentleman let me borrow his Packer's sweater so I would have something green to wear for the game. I was just blown away by how amazing people can be when they operate at the highest level of community. No one was obsessed with their figure or how many calories they were taking in. Nobody was focused on who looked the best. And everyone was positive and uplifting. What mattered the most was being good to other people while having a great time. That's living. Cheers!!

Until next time...

Dr. D
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