Friday, December 12, 2014

Drive Your Health in 2015

The concept of health is often thrown around, but rarely understood by so many people. The big time catch phrase is "I just want to be healthier." While that is a great step in the right direction, it is often much better to define the terms that we use so that they can help guide us towards what we really want. When I was going through my undergraduate and graduate school education we always talked about health and wellness and how they were defined. We always defined it by the most basic aspects of humanity. Looking at a person's level of wellness and happiness occupationally, emotionally/socially, physically, intellectually, environmentally and spiritually will show you quite a bit about their healthiness.

I was recently contacted by Lindsey Caldwell from the Recall Center about helping them to get out the word about the importance of "Driving Your Health in 2015." What I like about the info-graphic to the left is that it makes a conscious effort to discuss many medical based points about improving one's health. Being educated about medication safety, doctor visits and screenings are essential factors in the overall well being of an individual.

However, it is still important to look at the person as whole so focusing on the effectiveness of activities and strategies to promote well rounded health are essential. Here's a few tips that will enhance your overall well being in all areas of your life:

Social/Emotional Health: Focus on creating mutually positive and nurturing relationships with friends, family and co-workers. Stimulating relationships with several people in your life will lead to greater feelings of contentment and peace.

Physical: Be active regularly and more thoughtful about how you treat your body. Create positive associations between activity and total well being in your life.

Intellectual: Engage in realistic yet challenging mental activities on a monthly basis.  Pursue new opportunities to expand your academic horizon or learn a new skill. This will promote mental alertness and acuity.

Environmental: Be thoughtful about how your actions affect your surrounding environment. Focus on being less wasteful and more considerate about your consumption of products and materials. This will promote a sense of greater purpose towards the environment you live in.

Occupational: Evaluate the happiness and effort you provide in your job. Take the necessary steps to work in a profession and/or job that provides upward mobility, increased educational opportunities and feelings of satisfaction.

Spiritual: Be mindful of the larger meanings of life and taking time to quiet your mind to better appreciate the goodness in your life.

Overall, if you can focus on a few powerful options in each of these categories then you will live a more fulfilling and worthwhile life.

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Dr. D

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