Monday, January 26, 2015

All You Have Is Now

One of my favorite things to do after I train clients is to have conversations with them. Often, my clients will chat with me at our beverage bar at Club Ridges or we will talk over coffee with my outside clients. It is a rewarding time that gives me further insight and motivation into living a more quality based life. One of my clients is a doctor who is very thoughtful and many times provides me with such profound pieces of wisdom. We were talking recently about how all we can do is live for what we currently have, which is now. That really hit home for me. 

Over the past few years my wife and I have begun a journey of exploration into living for what we have and can do now versus what we had or will have in the future. While we acknowledge and learn from past experiences, we don't dwell on them or let them greatly guide our current explorations. While we prepare to be successful in the future, we also don't let it keep us from doing great things now. And why? Because you can't change what happened back then and you can't predict what will happen in the future. All you can control and can live up to is what you are doing right now. 

Nothing is promised to you and nothing is waiting in the past for you. All you can do is focus on where your two feet are planted currently. What you can do right now is take advantage of the opportunities that you have now. What you can do is love people in your life who you care about right now. What you can do is work hard at your job, even if you don't love it, right now. What you can do is take a smaller version of a bigger trip you've always wanted to do right now. What you can do is begin exercising and getting healthier right now. What you can do is stop making excuses for your life right now and begin making affirmations for what you can do now to improve your life right now. 

All you have is right now. And whatever you do right now...whether it is positive or will grow it right now. I'm not asking you to stop dreaming about some place or something you will have in the future. That's wonderful to shoot for, but you can't achieve it if you do nothing right now. I'm not asking you to look back and forget the hurt or pain you've felt from others, past employers, etc. Its important to understand it and make peace with it, but you need to work on that right now instead of pushing it off until later. How do you know you will have later? That's not guaranteed. Nothing is. 

All you have is now.

Until next time...

Dr. D

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