Friday, March 6, 2015

The Conscious Life

When I was growing up I was fortunate to have two parents who were very intuitive and forthcoming about what life could hold for us. I remember being told so many times that I was going to college and by the time I was in high school there really seemed to be no other option. I also remember being told about making good decisions and associating with the right people. From an early age I was very conscious of how my actions could affect my future self. However, I am aware that this wisdom is often not passed down from parent to child. In fact there is a large contingent of human beings on this planet who go through life in their 20's and many times 30's without any real conscious thought related to actions and consequences.

Now in my late 30's I've come to the realization that so many people are just "waking" up to the fact that their life is not what they wanted it to be. I've seen this many times with so many people who I have come into contact with over the years. And its really hard to blame people because we are so very much a product of who we come from. Hopefully, who you come from are people who are wonderful and forthcoming about your possibilities in life. However, much of what I've seen is that that initial launch into life is often crafted by broken examples of marriage, lack of encouragement, lack of structure and direction.

So what does this lead us to? It leads to adults who are in broken personal and professional relationships, have low self-esteem and poor discipline. The cycle then repeats with their children. This is often the outcome of a life that is lived unconsciously from a very early age. So, the next part is how do we change this? Because it is fixable. You can always begin to live a conscious lifestyle and even better you can instill that into our youth so that they can be "awake" early in life and maximize their ability to be successful human beings in all phases of their life for a very long time. Here's how you can do that:

1. Instill Good Decision Making Skills

-Its never too early to talk to your children or too late to talk to your friends and family about the value of making good decisions. Discuss with children, friends and family how making good decisions leads to successful outcomes in all phases of life. Show them examples of people who have made good decisions and how those decisions have benefited them. One of the greatest examples of this is instilling good decision making when it comes to choosing a mate and thriving in a marriage. Thriving marriages are focused on long term mindful, loving and cooperative behaviors even as both people are growing and changing throughout the years.

2. Focus on Mindfulness of Actions

-When talking about decision making its important to be mindful about your actions and the possible outcomes of those actions. Mindfulness is a conscious decision making process that is vital to long term success for all people. For example, I have talked to my family, friends and colleagues about the value of having thoughtful responses. Thinking about the tone and meaning of your words before you say them to people will better reflect what you really want to say. Or at work I always try to think about what the future consequences will be if I make a certain decision about an operating cost or implementing a program. Whatever the situation, I do my best to think through what the outcome might be before making a decision. That always guides me to the best possible action.

3. Expect, Prepare and Achieve

-Don't hope to do well or wish that you will do well. Expect it and also expect to prepare ardently to do well. Lack of success in various areas of life (work, personal, social, etc.) is many times due to lack of preparation and low expectations for one self. Success is not a mistake. There is a conscious level of intensity and direction (motivation) exhibited by individuals and organizations who are highly successful.

4. Balance Oriented

-Be conscious about how much is on your plate on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. And to go deeper, be conscious and thoughtful about what things are important for you to be a part of. Ask yourself...what's sustainable and what's not? Become a well balanced person. Dive into quality, realistic and worthwhile activities that provide you with grow physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally, environmentally and occupationally.

5. Reflect Often

-Spend regular time in conscious reflection. Evaluate where you are at different stages of your life. Determine if your decisions and actions reflect your passions, interests and values at different stages of your life. People are not static creatures. We grow, we change, we morph into different versions of ourselves throughout our lifespan. You need to be tapped into where you currently are in your life socially, emotionally and so on and so forth.

Thanks for taking the time to ready another one of my blog posts. I am grateful to my audience for taking this information in and hopefully using it for good in their lives.

Until the next time...

Dr. D

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