Monday, May 4, 2015

Wild Responsibility

I've been fortunate to meet many people in my life who have had a profound impact on my growth as a human being. My parents were certainly the first people who greatly influenced me. However, once I left home to go to college I began to meet so many influential people in life who still inspire and push me to work very hard at my craft. From college professors, co-workers and friends, I have benefited greatly from their guidance and kindness. At this point in my life one of the biggest influences in how I see the world and how hard I work is my personal training clients. In particular, I have so much to be thankful for from two particular clients. 

These two clients are a husband and wife and they continually provide me with fuel in regards to living a consistently alive and wonder filled life. When I started training them a few years ago I was amazed at how much they traveled. Growing up in a military family I always traveled, but I found myself doing less and less of that as an adult. These two clients would always regale me with stories and pictures of far away lands and crazy adventures. It made me feel like I wasn't I was just...existing. And that's just what was happening. Their pictures of visiting Egypt and talks about Hawaii, the Mediterranean and countless other places inspired me to push myself and my family to travel more. And so we did. We booked a vacation to Iceland on a whim, went to Hawaii last minute and visited as many smaller destinations we could think of in our region. 

However, their inspiration was much greater than just traveling. That inspiration to seek out different parts of the world also bleed into me re-defining how I wanted to live my life as a human being. It helped me craft my philosophy of "Wild Responsibility." While those two words don't normally go together, I found that they could co-exist and man have they co-existed beautifully. Wild Responsibility really just means that while you make responsible decisions, you also take the time to be a little wild and free flowing within that atmosphere of responsibility. I have observed that people who live within this concept are the happiest, most well adjusted and daringly social/innovative people. These folks live within the world, but allow themselves to regularly get off the hamster wheel of life. 

You see, people who are just responsible and straight laced often just lead a life of monotony and are greatly defined by their work/job. On the other hand, those who are completely wild and outrageous often live on the fringes of society and their extreme lack of structure will never allow them to establish any type of long term security and stability. I believe the trick is to make good decisions about your finances, relationships and friendships while at the same time pushing yourself to the outer edges of your comfort zone and sometimes other people's comfort zones. 

A good example beyond traveling is the work environment. Our work environment at Club Ridges is one of the most unorthodox work environments you will ever find. We adhere greatly to the concept of Wild Responsibility. Our interview process is both rigorous and lots of fun because we need to hit home runs with who we hire. Its not enough to want a job with us. You have to want to have tremendous amounts of fun with us while creating outstanding professional results. We don't compete with other fitness facilities. In our world, we are the only facility that operates like us. Hugging, high-fiving, monthly happy hours/parties, and counter culture fitness programming drive our success. We laugh really hard, make lots of weird noises just because, have dance breaks on the fitness floor and we also produce some of the best personal training and tennis in the country. We love being wild, but we also love being responsible and accountable for doing well.  

So you have to ask wild is your life? Is it out of control to the point where you are making bad decisions regularly and greatly affecting your personal growth? That's too wild. Or are you just living this humdrum, punching the clock life where everything is on automatic cruise control? That's too boring. 

Instead, live a life that has a routine with good professional habits that help you achieve upward mobility while also making regular time for crazy forays into the unknown. I promise if you do this your life will be filled with copious amounts of joy and excitement. Its the truth! I am a living example of this every day. Life is truly what you make of it. Don't just exist...Live! 

Until next time...

Dr. D
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