Monday, August 3, 2015

Rocket Ship

When I was a little boy I used to love everything about NASA. I was fascinated by the training to become an astronaut and the study of different planets. My parents fueled this fascination by taking me to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC many times as a kid. I just loved looking at all the older and newer spaceship technology. I remember being inspired and in awe of pictures of different planets and commentary about space exploration. While I certainly have not gone on to become an astronaut, the feeling of discovering new things and searching for what else might be out there continues to provide a large source of inspiration for me.

That inspiration was recently ignited even more by the movie Interstellar. In the movie, explorers go looking for a new home for our population since our planet is dying. Now this is a three plus hour movie and I've watched it about eight times already and that number will go into double digits very soon. I still find tremendous joy in watching a rocket launch whether it is real or in a movie. In the movies there is this grand and majestic ascension of the rocket, which represents and symbolizes the global hope of humankind. Its a collaborated and bold effort to seek out something that is greater than ourselves. Lifting that ship beyond the parameters of our earth is something that still emboldens me to think beyond the limits of my own mind.

We all have this incredible ability to be our own and even better, someone else's rocket ship. So many of us need someone to help us launch into a greater purpose in our lives. I know for me, my parents served as mission control from the moment I was born. They encouraged me and fueled my efforts and my dreams. Once I was in orbit from my parents tremendous initial launch, I hit some rough spots as a very young adult. There was debris flying everywhere in my life at one point and I couldn't make sense of where I was headed. I wanted to explore further out in the universe of my life, but I was hitting bumpy times. That's when other people helped to repair my ship and helped me blast off to further galaxies. My friends such as Nick Langridge, Rob Montgomery, Josh Moyer, Aaron Profitt took my broken ship and ascended me into a new star system. They helped direct me back to God. For that I am eternally grateful. Then my wife came along and she was and still is my generation ship. Her presence in my life has given me the strength for the long journey to seek out amazing new life forms and opportunities. Then my job with WTS International and the continued guidance from my boss, Allen Jakubauskas, bolstered my engines. Finally, adopting my daughter, Anna Rose Parker, gave way to the introduction of warp speed to my ship. I can now not only explore the cosmos of my life, but the greatest gift is now I can better understand, explore and guide the journeys of so many other people.

What's really happening here is that when you surround yourself with amazing people and make good decisions then you get the opportunity to be a rocket ship for some else. I have come to understand that in my life that my purpose is to lift other people up to help set them on a journey to explore planetary systems in their life that they have never known. I love being a rocket ship for my family, for my friends, for my staff and for my personal training clients. We are launching rocket ships from all over the planet, We are writing a space log for their lives that is meaningful and full of hope for their present and their future. And the beautiful thing is that while I may have helped to launch those ships, eventually they get to take the steering wheel and lead their own missions. Its a beautiful thing.

Who are you launching this week, this month or this year? Have you even launched your own mission of self discovery so that you can then help launch someone else's rocket ship? I URGE you to take a look at your life and think....just think....where am I going? What am I doing? If you can't answer that question...if you can't articulate your pathway towards the stars then take the time right now to fix that ship. Make those repairs and then do that countdown towards beginning a new life. Its in your hands. I want to fly with you and explore with you as long as you are willing to fly with me. Here's to a safe lift off and a wonderful exploration of your life. Be a rocket ship.

Until next time...

Dr. D
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