Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Positive Disruptions

Traditions are wonderful elements of life. As human beings we spend a lot of time developing, cultivating and maintaining a variety of long standing traditions. Many of those traditions are related to holidays or family gatherings. Traditions such as Thanksgiving originated hundreds of years ago and continue to have significant relevance to the lives of millions of people. Traditions bind people together under a common cause often associated with goodness and kindness. I'm all for traditions because they deepen the relationships between people. 

However, sometimes traditions do get people in the mindset of being stagnate. They can sometimes cause people to feel obligations to things that are outdated or forced. That's why I love the concept of positive disruptions. What is this? Well, its really a counter culture approach to tradition in that you are looking for ways to expand or think outside the box to create something new. Often when someone tries to create a positive disruption people see it as a negative thing. I never look at it that way. Progress towards something positive, new and widespread usually begins with dissension and skepticism. That is until the implementation of the idea reaches a critical point where the majority of people tag along and make it mainstream. 

A great example of companies setting the trend towards critical mass in positive disruption are Southwest Airlines, Google and Zappos. These companies have deliberately created a positive disruption in work culture. These companies focus on employee centered businesses. The goal is to create a better work environment for employees so that they will create a better feeling and vibe for the consumer. These places provide the comforts of home at work and encourage play at work. This is very different from the customer is always right culture that many people grow up with. This positive disruption is gaining tremendous traction with more and more companies. In fact, these companies have heavily influenced how I run the fitness facility I manage here in Las Vegas. I place the majority of my focus on empowering, uplifting, educating and loving my staff. 

An example of the infancy of positive disruption is solar energy. The positive idea of using renewable energy from the sun has been met with so much negative commentary and actions from traditional energy companies. Why the negativity? More than likely its because it challenges their established monetary gain and ideals about fossil fuel. I get it. Its hard to change when you have created something that people have used for generations that funds your life as well. Change is difficult, but companies like Solar City are starting the fire of positive disruption and making it plausible for everyday families to do something that is a better option for the planet and for people. Change is messy sometimes, but in the end...what if that positive disruption has the ability to truly change how we function and live in a society in a positive way? I want to be a part of that. 

In the end, positive disruption has always been a part of our DNA as human beings. It has been the driving force behind leaps in our progress in society. Someone or a group of people have always decided to question "they" and think outside the limitations that people often put on each other. Those innovators have changed how we view and function in our lives for the better. You have the ability to positively disrupt your life on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. 

While traditions are amazing and help bind us as humans, task yourself in 2016 to shake up those traditions with a positive disruption that will ultimately enhance it and turn it into something even more beautiful. It's what we do as human beings. We climb mountains, run races, search for new planets, make new gadgets and so on and so forth. Make your mark.

Until next time...

Dr. D
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